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Let’s be honest: sport is like any other business. You have supporters (customers) who are buying into your product, and your brand, but who, at the same time, need to feel valued and feel like they’re getting bang for their buck.

This means that a live sports match as a standalone event is no longer enough to ensure growth or sustainability in terms of a fan base. The twenty-first-century fan wants more. More value, more engagement, more options… more than a 90-minute match! Give them that, and you've got more of a chance of reaching out to different segments that perhaps wouldn't have engaged with you previously.

With marketing techniques constantly evolving and changing, finding creative, unique ways to engage fans and leave a lasting impression can seem daunting. Everyone is searching for the ‘new best thing’ to ensure they stand out. Stadium activation extends the ability of a brand to communicate with fans rather than just being a name plastered across the venue.

So how do Giant Inflatables ensure successful fan engagement and add value to your sponsors?

Inflatables are a fantastic and simple way to achieve long-lasting, memorable impressions while maintaining high brand visibility. Giant Inflatables offers engaging activations for all ages. Few other products can engage with such a diverse range of ages.

With options such as inflatable slides, inflatable target games, and inflatable goals, branding has no limit, and we stay true to the ‘inflate and go technology’, so operation is simple, safe and fail proof.

We offer products that allow more time for engagement and less time wasted in setting up, due to how quick inflatables are to activate. And we make it as cost effective as possible, by offering the option of removable branding, which ensures simplicity and practicality when needing to change sponsors – one inflatable can have infinite uses and marketing opportunities.

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