Giant Inflatables Arenas, Fields, and Courts

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Inflatable Arenas, Fields and Courts, are the perfect way to raise brand awareness in an immersive and controlled environment, bounded by an inflatable perimeter.

Game day activities that use balls can become chaotic if the activity area is not constrained. Giant inflatables have a range of standard inflatable arenas, fields and courts that offer a controlled environment in which fun can take place. Inflatable arenas, fields and courts are easy to use and set up and are safe and certified so you can run the perfect brand activation with no stress!

All the products we design, based on a standard formula or a custom creation will incorporate tested and trusted technologies that have a proven track record and offer peace of mind that they will operate as required in your brief.

Feel free speak to a member of our Genius Team of imaginative and highly experienced designers and engineers who will offer experience based advice to assist in realizing our own design or need. Enquire here now or give as a call +91 9737101589.

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