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The range of Inflatable Buildings, Inflatable Booths and inflatable Workshops we offer allows our clients the opportunity to create comfortable temporary spaces in an economical, eco friendly and sustainable manner. A lot of thought goes into all aspects of the design in order to make the user experience satisfying. These include how it is packed, folded out, inflated and safely secured. 

Our extensive range of Inflatable Temporary Buildings, Booths and Workshops s are designed with careful attention to user comfort that brings light and air into the interior to maintain a healthy, safe, flexible and workable environment.

As standard, our inflatable structures include well engineered and versatile fixings, quiet and low energy blowers, and clever interior extras. We can offer with any structure, space attenuators and partitions, light hangers for Fluorescent and LED Lighting, cable ducts for power and computers, ventilation ports and many other innovative and flexible utilities. All these inflatable structures are available as Constant Air, Air on Demand and Sealed products.

To find out more, ask a question or discuss your requirement with a member of our industrial inflatable products team, enquire here now on our website or Call +91 9737101589 or email us:

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