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Inflatable emergency response shelters ensure organised and efficient response to emergencies at an unprecedented rate.

Inflatable products used for Emergency, First Response and Safety are becoming more important as the first line of rapid response because they are so compact to store and transport and very quick to deploy. The high-tech designs, advanced materials and innovative uses have led to these quickly deployable devises being a “must have” of any safety minded organization or emergency response unit.

Safety is an important and major battle cry of industry in India – demand for easier to use and quick to deploy products is being met by our tried and tested range of innovative inflatable products.

We also design a range of remotely deployable inflatable falling matter arrest platforms and inflatable cushions, fume walls and climate control tunnels.

To find out more, ask a question or discuss your requirement with a member of our industrial inflatable products team, enquire here now on our website or Call +91 9737101589 or email us:

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