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Inflatable Pipe plugs and duct cushions

We supply a wide range of inflatable pipe plugs, inflatable flow stoppers and bungs and duct and vent balloons as well as our patented Plug Up isolation plugs.

These products are specifically designed to restrict fluid flow either liquids or gasses in a quick, simple, labour efficient and cost effective manner.

Inflatable lifting bags

Inflatable lifting bags are used for a wide range of industrial applications including emergency rescue, and industrial applications where heavy loads need to be lifted or moved by relatively small distances.

The use of high quality modern materials in combination with stringent quality control ensures safe operation. The lifting bags we stock are capable of lifting loads up to 67 tons with compressed air at a pressure of only 8 bar. In comparison with conventional jacking equipment, lifting bags have major advantages such as the very small insertion height of approximately 3cm, fast operation, light-weight and practically maintenance-free.

All our inflatable pipe plugging and lifting products are designed to be used with very little equipment other than that needed to inflate them. Specialist knowledge is not needed in their safe operation and they are all supplied with a set of concise and simply worded operation instructions.

Pipeline and sewer testing plugs are made to conform to Indian and International din standards for such testing.

To find out more, ask a question or discuss your requirement with a member of our industrial inflatable products team, enquire here now on our website or Call +91 9737101589 or email us:

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