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We create replica containers of any size that are inflated and sealed and are usually displayed at the point of sale

It is widely accepted that without brands and product differentiation, shopper’s choice becomes arbitrary. So it’s only natural that Inflatable replica products are used to highlight product differentiation at the point of sale or as part of a brand experience or activation campaign.

Replica inflatables and branded inflatables have high recall and are a proven tool to attract attention and reinforce brand affinity.

These products include inflatable bottles, inflatable cartons, replica chocolate bars, replica juice bottles etc

We are happy to make these in small quantiles for testing and sampling as well as large runs for major campaigns.

To find out more, ask a question or discuss your requirement with a member of our Point of Sale products team, enquire here now on our website or Call +91 9737101589 or email us:

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Your information is safe with us. We do not sell or rent emails.
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