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Inflatable Pipe Balloons

Inflatable duct cushions and industrial void blocking balloons are all custom designed and made to perform a temporary duct or void blocking operation. These versatile plugging products can be used for various applications including Boilers, Gas Turbines with HRSG Stack dampers, coal fired power plants, mine shafts and mine vents, as well as louver damper failure in SCR applications.

Common uses of inflatable Duct balloons:

  • Blocking air a fume ducts in coal or gas fired power plants systems
  • Replaces conventional Timber and plastic barriers for duct blocking
  • Temporary sealing of ducts in SCR,s for louvre damper replacement
  • On Simple or combines Cycle gas turbine plants in front of the Inlet Guide Vanes
  • Inside the exhaust stack of turbine plants with HRSG’s to reduce drafts.
  • In the replacement operation for stack dampers
  • Inside of furnace to stop refractory product falling during heat exchanger maintenance
  • Blocking of tunnels during Drilling to reduce dust contamination

To learn more about our state of the art, Inflatable pipe balloons and the other inflatable blocking and isolation products we can create, contact our expert team today. Speak to one of our industry professionals today by calling us on +91 9737101589. Alternatively, send us an enquiry at sales@giantinflatables.in. Our team will be able to help with any further information or specialized quotations

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