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Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Our standard range of Inflatable pipe plugs are all multisite products that are each suited to a range of pipe diameters

Common uses or inflatable pipe plugs are:

  • Municipal testing of new and repaired pipelines
  • Blocking water/sewage flows during maintenance, modifications and repair
  • Restricting, diverting and bypassing flow in pipes during modifications, maintenance or testing

All our inflatable multi sized plugs have a superior plug surface pattern for blocking of higher pressures, proper choice of rubber compound, Rayon-Kevlar reinforcement, suitable length, low weight and excellent sealing ability. They are all fitted with non-corrosive components, and guaranteed safe when working within their recommended range. Multi-size plugs are stretchable therefore only a few plugs are required to cover pipelines of different diameters. Our range of multi size inflatable pipe plugs are suited to pipes from 250mm to 1800mm diameter.

To learn more about our state of the art, Multi-size inflatable pipe plugs and the other products in our range, contact our expert team today. Speak to one of our industry professionals today by calling us on +91 9737101589. Alternatively, send us an enquiry at sales@giantinflatables.in. Our team will be able to help with any further information or specialized quotations.