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Dome - Shelter - Tent - Workshop

Are you looking for an alternative, cost efficient and durable option to avoid heavy expenditure on FIXED structures made of steel or other traditional materials.

Talk to us today and discuss your requirement with our Project Head Mr. Krutarth Pandya 

Our line of Inflatable structure product line includes various products such as Custom Shape and Custom Size Inflatable Dome, Shelter, Tent, Workshop, Booth, Shade and giant tunnels -

You name it and we will design and manufacture an inflatable out of your concept; with our proven expertise of 32 years  in designing custom inflatable air blown structures for various industries such as event management, advertising and marketing, petroleum and gas, Defense and Armed Forces, Aviation, Mining and many more organisations across the globe

Till date we have served many different size and shaped custom inflatable structures which are designed in-house and manufactured in-house by our expert team of Inflatable Structural and Design Engineers

You can please call us +91 9429613531 [24x7]

or Email us: sales@gianinflatables.in 

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