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KFC T20 BBL or Hyundai A-League – Sports Inflatables Delight and Entertain

When you head out into the summer sun this season to watch the T20 BBL or the Hyundai A-League you will, more than likely, be entertained by one of Giant Inflatables Sports Inflatables

You may find the Inflatable Colour Tent at the T20 games to get your teams colours painted on your face. 

If you are going to see any of the day-night cricket games you will see one of the Red, Pink or White Giant Inflatable balls out front.  High visibility and pure size make Inflatables a compelling outdoor media platform for any form of branding.

When the TAC and Hyundai A-League combined together their message of safety on the roads, they realised that the most impactful and engaging way to speak to their audience was to WOW them with size and impact and engage them with an interactive activity that is both fun and slightly competitive – to get them in the game. That way they obtain participation, brand awareness and emotional connection between their favourite game and your brand.

If the top elite sports teams and their marketing agencies rely on Giant Inflatables to deliver the goods, you know that you can rely on us too.

Tried, Tested, Trusted !

If you wish to chat to one of our sales team or discuss your ideas with our Genius Design Team, please call us on +91 97371 01589 or submit an enquiry from our website here or email us on sales@giantinflatables.in.

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Send Us Your Enquiry