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Multiply The Fun with Multi-Activities

How Multi-Activities save time and money, while adding value.


Inflatable Multi-Activities are a type of inflatable game that incorporates multiple activities into a single inflatable. For example, instead of having an inflatable cricket net and also having a separate Classic Catches inflatable, Giant Inflatables has created a hybrid inflatable that is part cricket net, part classic catches, and part target screen!

The cricket multi-activity, which is called the Cricket ‘Skill Zone’, is only one of a range of inflatable multi activities that have been developed for AFL, Cricket, Soccer, Netball and Basketball.

What are the advantages of an inflatable Multi-Activity?

While inflatable multi-activities are larger and heavier than regular inflatables, they have many benefits that cannot be overlooked.

  • Cost: Purchasing a multi-activity will reduce the cost of initial purchase as well as ongoing costs associated with bumping in and out and running activations. Instead of purchasing multiple units, you can combine the games into one and pay for the production of just one inflatable.
  • Time: Further down the line, when activating, you’ll save money on the staff required to run multiple inflatables as well as saving on setup time as bump in of a single unit is more cost and time effective than setting up one larger multi-activity.
  • Power consumption: Our AFL inflatables, Cricket Inflatables, Soccer Inflatables and Netball inflatables Multi-Activities are all powered by a single fan. This fan can run off wither 240V mains power or via a generator. Either way, you’ll benefit from not having to power multiple inflatable fans and/or pumps.
  • Design process: Each client of Giant Inflatables will be taken through the collaborative design process when an order is placed. This process, which includes 3D renders and other important design information, needs to happen for each inflatable in an order. If multiple inflatables are ordered, multiple concepts need to be drawn up to show the intricacies of each unit. These documents take time to prepare and the cost of the design is built into the cost of the inflatables. Thus, if ordering a single multi-activity, there will be less time spent deciding on design aspects of multiple inflatables, and less design cost in general.
  • Staffing: In order to keep an activation running smoothly, each inflatable will need a staff member to keep the lines moving, players happy and supervise for safety. If you have 3 separate inflatables, you’ll need at least 3 staff to man them. If you have a single multi-activity, you will need, at minimum, just the one staff member to ensure the inflatable is being used correctly and monitor conditions.

Multi Activity Inflatables