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Rugby Inflatables

Inflatable Rugby games are a fabulous way to entertain and engage your fan base.

We have a standard range of inflatable games which we can customise and brand to your needs or we can design specific inflatable interactive games that meet your requirements.

All the designs we produce are safe and easy to use and will be great for branding

Rugby has many set-piece plays, around which we have designed activities. These activities are a perfect way to engage with your fan base or engage in a captivating activation activity. The games we conceive can be made using either Constant Air inflation or Inflate n Go technology.

To ask a question or discuss your exciting ideas with a member of our inflatable Rugby games sales team enquire here now on our website or Call +91 9737101589 or email us: sales@giantinflatables.in

Send Us Your Enquiry

Send Us Your Enquiry