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Your Inflatables, Your Way

At Giant Inflatables every single inflatable that we create will initially go through our unique collaborative design process. Whether you are purchasing one of our popular standard products or working with us to create something unique from the ground up, we will ensure that every factor of your project is considered before we begin the production of your inflatable. This means no surprises, no unforeseen issues during setup and operation and above all, a tailored product that is perfectly suited to your specific needs.

For many first time inflatable purchasers, it might seem like a straight forward process. Choose a product, send your branding and wait for the product to be delivered. However, the Giant Inflatable difference is in our detail driven design process. We ask important questions like: How will your inflatable be used? What is the demographic you are aiming to engage? Is your inflatable interactive or static? Where will the inflatable be set up? How many staff members will be running the inflatable? Do you have time or space constraints during setup? Do you have power access during your event? What tools do you have to help you with your setup? Will there be multiple stakeholders or sponsors? All of these questions and more are what drive us to create a tailored experience over a pick and pay structure.

Let use an example. Sarah is in the market for an inflatable obstacle course, which will be branded in the livery of a major food delivery service and set up at a food festival for a brand activation. Upon her initial enquiry she will receive a phone call from one of our friendly staff members to help us get a better understanding of the context in which the inflatable will be used. After being prompted by some of our questions, the following factors are discussed:

  • Sarah’s team is only 3 staff members.
    Inflatable obstacle courses are large and are therefore very heavy, more than 200kg in many cases. With this in mind, it is suggested that we make some changes to our standard obstacle course to make it modular. This allows for it to be transported and set up as 2 or more lighter inflatables that join together to form the full activation. This allows her small team to easily deal with the inflatable and results in a hassle free setup.

  • Sarah needs the colours to be a specific PMS colour.
    It is suggested that Sarah’s inflatable is digitally printed to match the brand colour, rather than use a standard colour with only the branding and logos made to specification. Tackling this point prior production saves her any surprise of opening the inflatable to discover the colours are not matched to the brand.

  • Festival, open area setup.
    Sarah will be setting up the inflatable at a festival with limited power supply to her activation area. After discussion it is noted that a generator will need to be supplied to power the inflatable’s fans throughout the activation. An important factor covered that may have saved an ugly surprise upon setting up the inflatable.

Fast forward a week and Sarah has ordered her inflatable and received her first concept. 3D renders and design information is presented in a concept document, outlining all the important details of the design. After sharing with stakeholders our collaborative design process allows her to make changes to the design to ensure it is perfect for her application.

After delivery the inflatable is opened and with no surprises, and all of the unique details have been delivered upon.

Through collaboration and an unrivalled attention to details, Giant Inflatables delivers inflatable products that are yours truly. No two clients are identical and therefore no two inflatables are identical. Your unique set of factors is as important to us as they are to you and that is why we make every one of our inflatables with you in mind every step of the way.

To find out more about our inflatables or enquire about how we can help you create a unique inflatable, contact our expert team now!

Send Us Your Enquiry

Send Us Your Enquiry