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We are an International Award winner Indian Company, An Indian Manufacturer of exciting, cutting edge and modern inflatable products  for the local and international market & events.

Giant inflatables was born out of the creative vision of David Abramowich . It began as a start up in India desinging & supplying “inflatables with character” to companies who wanted to make an eye-catching and original statement on their rooftops for advertising.

Since its inception in 1998, the drive has always been to create outstanding designs for unique inflatable products that realize the needs of market leading organizations, sports agencies, advertising agencies, event management companies and envisioned individuals. Giant Inflatables has developed a highly talented Genius Team of designers and service driven individuals who share the passion and character to build a trusting relationship with our clients. We strive to be reliable and transparent and by doing so build trust in each other

Modern and innovative

Giant Inflatables’ in-house creative design team , led by India's leading inflatable designers, use the most modern up-to-date and cutting edge inflatable technologies to deliver a comprehensive and often unique range of Powered By Air  inflatable products that are guaranteed to give a long safe service life and operate as designed.

Each inflatable product is individually designed in house at our factory in India. We are constantly involved with R&D and hold many patents and awards as a result

Together with many years of hands on experience, this empowers our designers to create and engineer exciting, highly brandable and unique inflatable products. Our guarantee is that each quality handmade product will be safe and made to Indian standards, easy to use and last as expected right though its design life.

Our range of Giant inflatable products include, interactive sports marketing inflatables, inflatable games, start and finish lines and inflatable arches, inflatable point of sale displays [POS], branded inflatable tents as well as inflatable characters and inflatable replica balloons, Inflatable characters and inflatable mascots.

We offer a complete and transparent bespoke inflatable design service that will realize any ideas you have.

Our Methodology

1. Understanding and interpreting your requirement

All our team of talented personal is experienced and trained to listen carefully to your brief. At the outset we ask a lot of questions to make sure we understand what you are asking. We then share with you pictures of similar product we have done before so you understand how these translate into 3D Powered by Air products. We will then give you a budget and overview of our offer. Once you offer feedback it will be fully described to you and your client by means of a  3D computer model.  We will supply renders of your inflatable creation that can show a view from any side or direction or even put it into an environment that shows it in its intended use.

2. Documenting our offer

Prior to full production you will be supplied with a fully dimensioned and annotated reference drawing. It will also detail all the relevant art requirements, accessories and services we have been commissioned to supply.

In order that we agree and understand all the terms and conditions and what inflatable product and equipment you will be supplied with, you will be asked to sign off on the project before it goes into the cutting, assembly and arting stage.

3. The production stage

Throughout the production phase structured systems and procedures are in place to check every stage of the production. These checks are implemented at the printing stage, subassembly stage and final assembly stage. Each product in then inflated and tested and checked against the original signoff document.

Peace of Mind

We have extensive checks right through the design, production and certification processes that ensure you get exactly what you expect.

Giant inflatables uses accredited and robust procedures that include regular checking and testing at every stage of the production process. Every job concludes with a full inflation and operation checks and every detail of your original order is one again signed off by a qualified supervisor before its sent for certification.

Our experienced client services team will have made sure that you have understood what you are getting and that our entire team has addressed every nuance of your needs and expectations.

This procedure leaves us with no doubt that your inflatable product and supporting equipment will not only meet your expectations but exceed them

Safety and Operations

We understand the requirement for safely operating inflatable products by inexperienced but briefed operators and design each product accordingly. In so doing you are assured of it working as required every time

Our unwavering guarantee is that the inflatable product we produce will perform as agreed because all our inflatable products and accessories are engineered to meet all Indian standards and codes of practice and have been checked and tested before being handed over.

All our inflatable products are supplied with a full set of picture rich operating instructions, Operational Certification and safety sheets.

On Time delivery

Giant Inflatables always delivers as ageed, on time and within budget

Giant Inflatables have been successfully producing inflatables for clients around the world. What’s more we always do it on time. Not only do we supply these products to our clients locally and internationally but also gladly advise on setup, undertake operations on their behalf and train their staff when required.

As part of our backup service commitment, we have partners and associates in all the major cities in Europe and the Americas. This commitment to world class delivery ensures that our clients are never left unsupported.

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