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Building Trust - The Road to Unparalleled Success

At Giant Inflatables, we're different from other inflatables suppliers. With an in-house design team and over 20 years of industry and on-field experience, Giant Inflatables is uniquely positioned to understand all aspects of your inflatable. When working with you, we consider all aspects of your inflatable, the operator, the user, the installation space, and each client's requirements and limitations. The context for which the inflatable is intended is a crucial element of consideration when planning for a successful and stress-free activation. Our high-profile clients trust us because of our holistic view and attention to detail during the design process. In addition to the appearance of the inflatable, we explore aspects such as available resources, location, time constraints, size constraints, weather, weight, intended lifespan, storage and more.

To ensure that every aspect of an inflatable is considered, the Giant Inflatables Collaborative Design process is employed. This process allows for close collaboration with our clients to truly understand their needs.

The more information that is provided during the design process, the more powerful and significant effect the collaborative design process will have.

You might be thinking, what importance could all of these additional factors have when it comes to inflatable design?

Let's run through an example:

A business, let's call them Eclipse Racing, have purchased themselves a display area at the 2021 Australian F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne. Eclipse racing has decided that they need an oversized inflatable race car that has space on the inside for their simulator, which is to be the focus of their display. After careful consideration, they have chosen to work with Giant Inflatables to create their inflatable race car shelter.

Up until this point, it has been straight forward enough. However, this is where the trust comes in. Eclipse racing could choose to divulge only the basic and essential information for Giant Inflatables to create their concept, or they could provide all of the details for their event, not only the aspects that they think are related to the inflatable.

Following a meeting with Giant Inflatables, all of the details regarding the event were laid out, and some crucial choices have been made:

  • Eclipse racing only has a small team for setup, without access to a forklift; therefore, the inflatable will be modular, so each section is light enough for a team of 3 to manoeuvre into place.
  • Given a short and limited setup time, the inflatable will be inflated with an extra fan to make inflation much faster.
  • With the need to power the simulator and other technological components, special compartments have been made in the inflatable, which eliminated the need for additional furnishing in the internal space.
  • Internal lighting has been added to the unit to ensure the instructors can see and take notes while players are on the simulator.
  • With the need to store the inflatable safely for a year until the next GP, a road case has been added to ensure smooth moving into and out of storage.

As you can see in the above example, many design decisions have been made based upon additional information that the client disclosed. Trust in Giant Inflatables and our experience will help ensure that your inflatable is not 'good enough' but perfectly tailored for you in every way.

To find out more about how Giant Inflatables can help you bring your ideas to life, contact our expert team for advice and a free quote.

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