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Rapidly Deployable Site Offices For On The Move Industries

Do you and your crew move site regularly? Do you hate the logistical nightmare of heavy rigid site offices needed at every new location?

When portability and mobility is a must, Inflatables are the only solution. Giant Inflatables Industrial has reinvented the conventional site office and shelter, making it perfect for on the move industries. With so many modern day industries on the move, adequate and convenient shelter and on-site space is becoming increasingly expensive and hard to move. Inflatables such as Giant Inflatables revolutionary Xbeam Advanced have come to the rescue. Designed and engineered to be the on-site office and work shelter, these state of the art spaces are erectable in under 6min and can be packed up and moved in a moments notice.

Want multiple modular comfortable spaces on site but need it to be mobile and rapidly deployable?

Featuring endless customizations and modular design like nothing else on the market, every portable site office is designed and tailored to perfectly suit the needs and demands of your industry. Whether its high performance air-conditioning or the ability to morph from a closed office into an open air shelter, these on-site office’s and shelter alternatives are the cutting edge future of mobile and rapidly deployable contractor and worker spaces.

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Send Us Your Enquiry