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Brand Activation Inflatables - Engaging Through Inflatable Experiences

At Giant Inflatables, we have spent over 20 years creating fun, engaging, safe and memorable inflatable brand activations that have covered a range of brands from sports to finance and everything in between.

When brands are looking for a memorable way to interact with their chosen demographic, the aim is always to leave a memorable impression. As many of our clients can happily attest to, our unique inflatable brand activations are the perfect tool to achieve that goal.

Whether the brands that choose to work with us are sponsoring a sporting team or entire sporting code, or are looking to create a brand activation specific to their business niche, we always create something tangible, that people remember.

There are to main categories for clients looking for a brand activation:

  1. Activations through sponsorships:
    These brand activation inflatables are catered towards brands that are sponsors of a sporting team, sporting code, or event. While the brands can be anything from a bank to a boat builder, their interest lies in engaging the fans of that particular event, sport or team. Therefore, the interactive brand activation inflatable they most often choose will be themed as such. For example, a brand sponsoring the AFL will want to look at our range of AFL themed inflatables like the Mark Training inflatable, or an on-field activity for the half time break of the game (like the NIB on-field balls pictured below).

    Through these themed brand activations, brand can interact in a more meaningful way and get the most out of their lucrative sponsorship deals.

  2. Activations through brands:

    These brand activation inflatables are catered towards brands who want to create a unique brand activation that focuses on an element of their brand. For these clients we look at what makes their brand unique and the ways they can include their business niche in the brand activation inflatable. For example, a bank or financial business might look at our inflatable Cash Grabs as a way to interact with their potential clientele, for saving (or grabbing) money is something important to their brand. Alternatively a brand might want to create a completely custom interactive inflatable experience, like Menulog, who worked with us to create a custom food delivery themed obstacle course in which participants are challenged to make their way through obstacles throughout the course to deliver the food.