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Inflating the Game Day Hype - Game Day Inflatable Activations

Giant Inflatables' Soccer Dartboard TAC

Everybody knows that Game Day wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the pre-game hype and buzz that comes with a highly anticipated game. Giant Inflatables knows how important this Game Day atmosphere can be to team spirit and even the performance of the team, and so we do our part in ensuring that everybody gets involved in the hype of the Game day.

Twenty years of industry experience has taught us that out units can be an integral part of the Game Day. We have developed sport specific inflatable playgrounds, engaging fans in a unique and memorable manner. Most of the sporting activations offered at Giant Inflatables can only be ordered from us, as the developers and engineers of these activations.

Giant Inflatables Zorb Tube for AFL Hawks

In 2016 Giant Inflatables became a visible part of sporting games in Melbourne, our products proudly displaying team colours at many of the games in the, Cricket, Footy, Rugby and Soccer seasons. Melbourne Victory had our newest product at all of their games in 2016/17, the Giant Inflatables Soccer Dartboard. The TAC branded Soccer Darts unit was the featured activity at Victory’s pre-game village in Gosch’s Paddock, outside AAMI stadium, where Victory’s home games are played. This Soccer darts unit not only attracted the attention of the younger fans, but constantly brought in people from an older demographic, who just couldn’t resist the temptation to try and kick a bullseye and receive a Melbourne Victory branded prize.

In  the AFL word, Giant Inflatables made its way onto the field at the MCG, with a family friendly activation called Zorb Tubes. Giant Inflatables’ Zorb Tubes are 3m wide clear inflatable tubes, inside which, families go head to head, racing their tubes to the finish line as fast as possible. This activation, like many others from Giant Inflatables was played on the field at half time, providing a highly visible and effective branded activation, that is family friendly and highly memorable.

Being official partners with AFL Victoria, Giant Inflatables has created dozens of club specific units, that travel all over the state to enhance the excitement that comes with a highly anticipated match.

Giant Inflatables Arch for Melbourne Vixens (Netball)

Although most of the Game Day units from Giant Inflatables are interactive, we also produce a large number of solely branding base units, from Arches to replica units, all heavily and effectively branded. The Newcastle Knights NRL team brings a 4m inflatable team jersey replica with them to their games, standing out above the crowd and attracting attention, whist in Netball, the Vixens bring a entrance-way Arch with them to their games.

The options for Game Day inflatables are endless. Dozens of Giant Inflatables’ units are routinely on display around Victoria and Australia, not to mention our international stream of products in places like America, England, New Zealand, and India. The perfect inflatable for you might be just a phone call or email away, so visit www.giantinflatables.in for more details.

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