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Interactive Inflatable Games for the Post COVID World

Its 2021 and the Australia has just settled back in to life in a post COVID-19 world. And while we see stadiums fill up at the footy, or meet up with our friends over a drink, we don’t have to look very far to notice the permanent changes that the pandemic has had on our lives. Everyone is more conscious of what they touch, where they stand and how they interact with people and things.

So, how do these new perspectives on hygiene effect inflatables?

At Giant Inflatables, most of our work comes in the form of interactive inflatables, which as you can tell from the name, are created with the intention of providing fun and engaging interactive experiences. Inflatable games you can touch, jump, dive, dodge, play and experience are the bread and butter of our work, and many of these traits that make a great interactive inflatable game have also made some of them not-so-hygienic for this new standard.

This dilemma has pushed us to innovate and create brand new interactive inflatable activations that are designed from the ground up to reduce the level of skin-to-inflatable contact while still encouraging people to get involved and interact with the inflatable. Inflatables such as our brand new Soccer Skee-Ball, a scaled up version of the famous arcade game, uses soccer balls instead of small hand-balls which means that the game is perfectly touch free while still being engaging and fun to play.

All Giant Inflatables products are made-to-order which allows our clients to not only have their input into the design, but also gives them the ability to customise their inflatables in a similar way to the Soccer Skee-Ball and create more hygiene friendly inflatable activities.

In some cases however, skin-to-inflatable contact is unavoidable and if altered would change the fundamentals of the inflatable and might ruin the game entirely. For interactive inflatables that fall into this category, protective measures need to put in place by operators to reduce the spread of germs. Inflatable jumping castles, inflatable slides, classic catches, mark training and other deck based games need full-body interaction and will therefore need to be actively tended to throughout activations.

Each inflatables operator is different and each business must take it upon themselves to ensure they create a system that will protect the people who interact with them. We have recommended to our clients that inflatable be disinfected and cleaned at the start and/or end of the activation to ensure that they are safe for another day of use.

If you want to check out how you can COVID-Safe your inflatables, or purchase a custom designed inflatable game, get in touch with our expert team at any time.

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Send Us Your Enquiry