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The Secret Sauce To Brand Awareness And Fan Engagement

The Secret Sauce To Brand Awareness And Fan Engagement

How do you make fans fall in love with your brand? Good question. Here’s how…

If you want to build meaningful relationships between your brand and its customers, then give them more of what they love. That’s it. That’s the secret sauce.

Early last year when the AFL and Milo decided they wanted to strengthen their brands and cultivate meaningful relationships with hundreds of thousands of fans around Australia, they came to Giant Inflatables looking for a solution. Specifically, they wanted to DELIVER A POSITIVE AND MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE for both kids and their parents alike.

Our solution? The ultimate inflatable obstacle course - tunnels, walls, barriers, slides, the works - custom made and branded for the AFL and Milo, that is now an ongoing key feature of Gate 6 at the MCG each and every AFL game of the season. Endless fun and engagement for everyone attending the games.